The Law Office of Attorney Dr Marcin Mikołaj Cieśliński is an entity rendering legal exclusively services.

The Law Office does not provide services in all areas of law. Specializes in civil cases, family affairs and guardianship cases. Furthermore, taking into consideration our Clients’ interests, we represent them in criminal proceedings.

We employ only the attorneys – at law and legal trainees of Advocate Chamber who are subject to the law of advocates act, which guarantees our Clients absolute confidence and the services rendered at the highest professional level.

We cooperate with experts on various areas of law when other specialist’s support is necessary.

The Law Office also provides services of legal aid in international law. The main area of practice is representing Clients in court proceedings, negotiations and providing consultancy on legal matters.

The Law Office has additional civil liability insurance. Moreover, the building where the seat is located is secured by a professional reputable security agency.

Attorney dr Marcin Mikołaj Cieśliński and the employees of The Law Office are fluent in English, and dr Marcin Mikołaj Cieśliński also speaks Portuguese.